Carpet Beetle Traps To Get Rid Of Them Without Pesticides

Carpet Beetle Traps
Carpet Beetle Traps

Carpet Beetle Traps are an easy and simple way to capture carpet beetles which allows you to identify and confirm that you have an infestation.

And because of this, they can be a vital tool to help you control and even exterminate carpet beetles in your home without using any insecticides.

Now the Best Carpet Beetle Trap is the JF Oakes Pro Pest Traps which are very affordable yet highly effective at trapping carpet beetles.

JF Oakes Carpet Beetle Sticky Traps

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JF OakesOpens in a new tab. has a really effective sticky trap that specializes in catching and killing beetles and moths that feed on fabric, which includes carpet beetles

Their brand Pro Pest is one of the most well known and popular brands of sticky traps on the market. Citation.Opens in a new tab.

Pros of Carpet Beetle Traps

1- Very Effective at Helping You To Identify an Infestation.

Carpet Beetle Traps are amazing at helping you to quickly and easily identify the type of pest that you have.

They do so by helping you to capture the specific pest causing the damages which allows you to know the type of treatment you would need to use to get rid of them.

You see they are many types of pests that can cause these kinds of damages. But the most common ones are moths and carpet beetles, each of which would require a different method of treatment to exterminate them, Which is why it is essential to know what pest you are dealing with.

2- Well Designed

Pro Pest Traps are designed perfectly to capture carpet beetles this is because:

  1. It comes with a strong glue that contains pheromones which help to attract carpet beetles
  2. The trap is designed with a folded triangular shape which makes the glue area shaded and partially enclosed. This is perfect since carpet beetle larvae prefer dark secluded areas. Citation.Opens in a new tab.

3- Easy To Set up and Use

Carpet beetle traps are easy to use and set up.

How to Use a Sticky Trap To Capture Carpet Beetles

  • The first thing you need to do is take the trap out of its plastic container
  • Next, fold the trap into its triangular shape
  • Then place the trap close to the area where you suspect there is an infestation
  • Finally, you need to check the trap every couple of hours.

If you see any carpet beetle larvae you know you have an infestation and you can start treatment and sanitation.

Important Note:

Adult carpet beetles won’t damage your carpets or furniture, only their larvae so when there is an infestation you will spot the larvae.

A Carpet Beetle Larva looks like a brown hairy worm-like creature you can check out the video below to see what one looks like.

Now if you are not certain I would advise you to take a photo of the insect and contact a pest control company.

4- Non-Toxic

JF Oakes Pro Pest Traps are non-toxic and don’t contain any pesticides. Instead, they work by making the larvae stick onto the trap which either suffocates them or makes them starve to death.

Now since they don’t contain any pesticides it makes them a bit safer in comparison to pesticides.

But I would still advise that you don’t allow your kids or pets to be around the traps. Thankfully most of the areas that carpet beetles target are not well traffic and it’s advisable that you place the traps at night when carpet beetle larvae are most active.

5- Can Work with Multiple Types of Pests

These traps can work with various species of moths and beetles and are not only limited to carpet beetles.

So even if your infestation isn’t carpet beetles, this sticky trap might still be able to help you.

6- Very Affordable

JF Oake Sticky Traps are budget-friendly and they can even help you to save money.

You see by using a trap allows you to identify your infestation early which means you might be able to DIY exterminate your pest without the need for an expensive pest control expert.

Cons Of Carpet Beetle Traps

1- Not an Effective Method to Control Carpet Beetles

By themselves sticky traps aren’t very good at completely eradicating an infestation. This is because not all of the carpet larvae would go onto the trap.

Instead you need a more proactive method like intensive cleaning and vacuuming and for serious infestation even pesticide sprays.

But as stated earlier traps are very effective at helping you to identify your specific pest issue which helps you to attack and exterminate your infestation.

2- Takes Awhile to Work

Sticky traps can take awhile to work, this is because the trap is dependent on the bug falling for it.

The duration depends on the severity of your infestation. If you have a large infestation your trap will catch its prey within hours but for small infestation it might take a longer time.

3- Stands Out

Sticky traps will stand out especially if you place them in well traffic areas. Now thankfully carpet beetle larvae tend to prefer areas that are dark and secluded so your traps shouldn’t be an eye sore.

But for well traffic areas that have been infested such as your carpets, you can use the traps at night, which is when the larvae are most active.

Where to Get Carpet Beetle Traps

You can get JF Oakes carpet beetles traps on Amazon, you can click here to see the current price for a pack containing 8 traps.Opens in a new tab.

You can also get them at Walmart, you can click here for a packet contain 2 traps.Opens in a new tab.

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