7 Hacks to Clean Smelly Shoes Overnight Without Washing

7 Hacks To Fix Smelly Shoes Overnight Without Washing
7 Hacks To Fix Smelly Shoes Overnight Without Washing

Our shoes need all the TLC we have time to give them. Especially when they become smelly after going through the motions with us. However, many shoes are not washable or we simply do not have the time to wash them and wait for them to dry properly.

So what can we do then? Here are a few great hacks to fix smelly shoes overnight without washing them.  

7 Quick & Easy Hacks to Fix Smelly Shoes Overnight 

1- Lysol and Other Sprays

If you do not have the time or the facilities to wash and dry your smelly shoes, a great way to instantly get rid of the odor is to sanitize and deodorize them using sprays. The most common one that is used around the globe is Lysol.

However, there are other sanitizing and deodorizing sprays made especially for shoes that you can use. Simply let your shoes air out for a bit after you take them off.

Then open them up and spray them generously with the spray. Do not saturate the material but make sure it is coated. Then let them dry overnight. 

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2- Hydrogen Peroxide

Another quick fix that you can use is hydrogen peroxide. This will kill the bacteria and fungi in shoes that make them smell so bad. However, keep in mind that hydrogen peroxide will not dry as quickly as Lysol, sprays or alcohol, so do not saturate the material.

Instead, spritz it over the material and use a clean cloth to wipe around the inside of the shoes. Then let them air out overnight. 

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3- Rubbing Alcohol

Rubbing alcohol or any alcohol that is more than 70% concentrated will be great for killing bacteria and fungi in your shoes.

An additional benefit is that it dries very quickly so you can spray your shoes multiple times during the night and they will dry before morning! Simply spray the inside of your shoes and let them air out. Then use a deodorizing spray afterwards to add a scent if you want to. 

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4- Baking Soda

This is a great moisture absorber and deodorizer for shoes. You can either sprinkle plain baking soda directly into each shoe and leave them overnight.

Or according to Nike, you can mix ¼ cup of baking soda, ¼ cup of baking powder, and ½ cup of cornstarch. Put the mixture in a pair of cotton socks or sprinkle the mixture in both shoes and leave overnight. For an extra scent booster, add a few drops of your favorite essential oil.

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5- Kitty Litter

This may sound weird but kitty litter is amazing at drawing out moisture. Moisture encourages the growth of the bacteria and fungi that cause the smell so drying out your shoes is a logical move.

Some types of litter will even add a pleasant smell and neutralize the stinkiness. Simply fill up your shoes and leave them overnight. Empty them and brush put the kitty litter the next morning. Or, you can put the kitty litter in a think sock and place it in the shoe.

6- Tea Bags

Another easy and affordable hack for smelly shoes is tea bags. Tea bags will also draw moisture out of your shoes along with bad odor. Simply choose your favorite flavor tea bag and drop 2-3 of them into each shoe. Let them sit overnight and remove them the next morning. The tea bags will absorb moisture and odor while also giving your shoes a pleasant scent. 

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7- Freezing

Now this one may sound even stranger, but it works! Freezing your shoes will kill bacteria and fungi. However, you should make sure your shoes are as dry as possible first. Otherwise, when they thaw out, the moisture will return.

So, take your dry (but smelly shoes) and place them in clean plastic bags (airtight ones like zip locks are great). Then place the shoes in your freezer for as long as possible. You can leave it for 6 hours and then let them thaw out for the rest of the night.

Or if you have the time, you can freeze them all night and let them thaw out the next day. If your shoes are not dry enough, you can also put some baby powder inside and this will absorb the moisture as the shoe freezes.

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Things To Keep In Mind

If your shoes keep smelling bad after all these things, you may have to make some time and give them a good wash. 

However, if your shoes are smelly even after washing, you may need to change out your soles for new ones, or you may be ready for new shoes. 

Additionally, remember to clean and take care of your feet. Clean feet will lessen sweating, bacteria, fungi, and odor in your shoes. 

Take care of your shoes as well. Avoid getting them wet and if they do get wet, ensure to dry them properly before you use them again. Also, clean them as often as you can. 

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