UV Shoe Sanitizer: Does It Work & The Best Ones to Get

UV Shoe Sanitizer: Does It Work & The Best Ones to Get
UV Shoe Sanitizer: Does It Work & The Best Ones to Get

One of the more fancy methods of sanitizing your shoes and getting rid of those smelly bacteria and fungi is to use a UV shoe sanitizer.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Is there such a thing? And the answer is yes! So today we will explore what this device is, how it works and whether it is worth the buy!

What Is A UV Shoe Sanitizer & How Does It Work

A UV shoe sanitizer is a device that uses ultraviolet light to kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi on top of and inside of your shoes. 

Depending on the size and purpose, these devices can be handheld or grounded. 

Ultraviolet light can render germs incapable of reproducing (DNA & RNA) by producing electromagnetic energy which activates photochemical reactions in the nucleic acids of microorganisms.

In science nerd terms, UV light causes particular thymine or cytosine dimers to form in DNA and uracil dimers in RNA, which leaves microorganisms inactive by inducing mutations, cell death, and/or inability to reproduce.

Different kinds of UV light will work differently. 

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will UV light sanitize shoes?

Yes, by inactivating the microorganisms, UV light efficiently sanitizes your shoes. 

When the viruses, bacteria, and fungi are unable to reproduce, they will eventually stop accumulating in your shoes. 

To keep this effect up, you will need to sanitize your shoes as often as possible and keep them dry.

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Will UV light get rid of the smell in shoes?

UV light will get rid of the microorganisms that contribute to bad shoe odor, but it will not get rid of the odor that is already there. It will, however, stop it from getting worse.

For this, you will need to wash and/or deodorize your shoes either before or after using the UV sanitizer. We recommend doing it before. This way, you will get rid of the excess germs and smell before using the sanitizer to kill off the remaining ones. Double the clean!

Alternatively, you can look for a shoe sanitizer that also dries and deodorizes. 

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Will A UV shoe sanitizer work for fungus in shoes?

There are different kinds of UV light, but UV-C light is effective in killing fungi. 

Check the product that you are using to confirm what kind of UV light it is emitting into your shoes. This will tell you how effective it will be. 

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How long do you keep UV light on shoes?

Generally, most UV sanitizers are left on in your shoes for about 45-60 minutes. However, this can vary depending on how dirty your shoes are.

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Does UV light whiten shoes?

UV light will not whiten your shoes, but it may fade or change the color, or affect the material. 

Keep in mind that the kind of UV light used for disinfecting is stronger than the rays of the sun that we already know fade materials over time. Repeated exposure to stronger light will fade the color from your shoes. 

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Will UV light damage your skin?

Yes. UV light, especially the kind used to kill germs, can damage your skin. 

Make sure that the product you are using has specific safety measures and instructions to prevent exposure and harm. 

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Best UV Shoe Sanitizers

1- TYXTYX Shoe Dryer Electric Boots Dryer with UV Ozone Deodorizer

This combination device not only dries your shoes but also uses UVC light to sanitize and ozone to deodorize them. The design makes it safe and easy to use, protecting you from UV light. It is also suitable for all kinds of shoes. 

Click here to see the price for the TYXTYX Shoe Dryer Electric Boots Dryer with UV Ozone Deodorizer on Amazon. 

2- Besaset Shoe Dryer and Sanitizer

This device uses PTC heating, ozone, and UV-C light for the combined drying, deodorization, and sterilization effect. The design allows you to place them inside your shoes, away from you and your skin.

It has a timer that allows you to start it and it shuts off when finished so that you are not exposed to UV light. It is suitable for all kinds of shoes. 

Click here to check out the Besaset Shoe Dryer and Sanitizer on Amazon. 

3- Portable UV Light Sanitizer

This is a portable wand that gives off UV-C light. You can use it to disinfect the outside of your shoes and even place the wand in each shoe.

However, when using this device, you will need to wear gloves, masks or long sleeve clothing to protect your skin from the UV light. Ensure not to get your skin in contact with the light. The good thing is that it has a quick sanitization time so you do not need to use it for too long. 

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Things To Keep In Mind

Not all UV lamps are germicidal, and they may be used for a variety of other things, including tanning beds and printing. Review the product’s specification sheet or the manufacturer’s website carefully if you’re unsure.

Ensure that the product has comprehensive specs and safety instructions. So that you may be sure you’re getting the right treatment for your application, manufacturers ought to mention the UV range.

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So Are UV Sanitizers Worth They Buy?

We would say yes! UV sanitizers for shoes are worth the buy. While these devices may be on the pricier side, they can be used repeatedly and with good care, they can last you a long time. 

They are also much easier to make use of when compared to many DIYs and scrubbing away at your shoes. These devices also save you a great deal of time. 


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